Productivity Tips For Work From Home

Let’s talk about work from home and working at home. We all know the fact and have experience with working from home and working at home and it wasn’t easy. But over the years we have found some things that have helped us stay productive day after day and in this article, we thought we’d share them with you, if you need some motivation.

When we started working from home, it wasn’t unexpected, unlike what we are going through right now. So we had time to prepare our self mentally and prepare our surroundings as well. But that might not be the case for you today and even then, we struggle to keep motivated and be productive consistently and to also strike a balance between office work and housework.

Tips & Tricks for work from Home Productivity

Here are some things that have helped many to strike a balance and stay productive.

Plan the night before

This can be a game changer for you. spend anywhere between five minutes to 15 minutes to just go over the next day, see what absolutely needs to get done and what are the things that you would like to do when it comes to house
family and my work.

So when you wake up the next day, You have a plan and You are not overwhelmed with so many things asking for your attention.

Dress for success

Now, We don’t mean you put on your passport and work at home. That’s not what we mean by that. What we mean is
don’t stay in clumsy clothes or be something that is a little more formal than your regular yoga pants.

So it just works as a clue for your brain. You might be experiencing that the days are just flowing in and out. So by creating some demarcations and some strict changes, you will be able to give your brain a clue that things have changed.

Have a workstation or maybe two for work from home

We know for a lot of us, it’s not possible to have a dedicated room to call our home office, but have a dedicated place that indicates that this is your workplace. And it’ll also help you with letting your family members know that when you are in this space, you are at work. now because we cannot go out, You might want to have at least two workplaces so that you can shift around a little bit just for a little change.

Tracking your time can increase work from home productivity

If you’re having a tough time balancing your housework and your regular work or your office, try tracking your time. So you know how much time each activity is taking. so that when the night before, when you’re planning your day, you can know realistically how much a task is going to take you.

What we like to suggest you is calendar blocks. So instead of having a rigid timeline of what gets done at what time,
you should block certain amount of time that you know you can use your energy more realistically.

Don’t burn out schedule

Don’t keep every minute of your day accounted for. Give yourself some free time. They are not required to work and not be actively present with your family.

We’d love to know what are some of the tips and tricks that have helped you stay motivated and stay productive, strike a balance in this current situation of pandemic? Let me know in the comments below. And this way we can all help each other.

Ask for help and keep realistic expectations

We will need a little help from our family members, but don’t hold them up to a standard that they can not realistically achieve because they’re not used to doing that kind of work, ask for their help and at the same time be flexible in that way.

Be realistic with what your family can help you with. It will help you stay focused and get to as many things as I possibly can.

Using the Pomodoro technique for work from home

If you don’t know what that is, it’s just a way to sprint through activities. The idea is to have focus time of twenty
five minutes and then take a five minutes break, do this for at least four times and then take a longer break.

How you should use it is have twenty minutes of focus time when it comes to your work and then take a ten to fifteen minutes break where you work on your house chores and your house. This way you will be able to hit all the activities and not feel that you are sucked into just one activity.

Setting some processes for work from home

By that we mean knowing. What needs to get done, when and how. this way you will be able to save some energy and brainpower and constantly making decisions and use that energy into focusing on the things that actually need you to concentrate and focus.

Communicate with your family

Communicate with your family about when you’re going to need some quiet time, that you can concentrate on your work, when you can attend to social calls. And in the current situation, there are a lot of calls that are going around by family members and friends, even text messages.

Let them know when you are able to attend to those things so that your time is not eaten away by these things. And then you are working late into the night just to catch up. And you have to also be aware that it might not work with every situation and with every relationship and you have to be OK with some people being upset about it. That’s just what’s going to happen.

Give yourself some credit

There will be days when you will be able to get a lot of things done and some days not as much and that’s OK. We are in a very short time in our life and some days you’re not going to feel 100 percent and might not be able to give 100 percent to our work and to your family and that’s okay. Just give your self some grace, pick up the next day and try to do your best.

We hope you found this article helpful. Try some of these steps, see if they work for you, tweak them to suit your personal situation and your life. If there is a tip or a trick that’s working great for you, share with us. Leave them in the comments below so that we all can benefit from it.

Thank you for reading this post.

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