Everything About Printable Calendar Templates

Calendar Edu is one of the best websites to provide printable calendar templates for year, months and week. You can get here monthly, yearly, weekly, academic and country wise calendars and time schedule planners. We provide only high quality and easy to download calendar. make yourself prepare for 2023 and 2024 year with Calendar Edu’s Printable calendar templates.

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Since the advent of Agriculture, humans have been tracking time. Calendars have always been a critical part of the development of civilization. they help us know everything from meetings at work, what day is our favorite etc. 

The calendar that the world uses now is the Gregorian calendar. It was a small reform of the Julian calendar which was used throughout the Roman Empire and later throughout all of medieval Europe and the Western world has been using the same calendar for at least a thousand years. we hardly even notice it anymore, yet it shapes how we think of time itself.

Printable Calendar Types by Time Duration

There are many kinds of printable calendar templates available, we are going to discuss here about calendar categories according to time duration.

1. Weekly Printable Planner/ Calendars

Weekly Printable Planner or calendars are also known as weekly planners. It consists of date and day name of the particular week and place to put notes to make your weekly schedule or time plan. It comes very handy when you have a lot of work in a particular week. You can download or print weekly calendar or planner at Calendar Edu website.

2. Monthly Printable Calendar

Monthly printable calendar is consisting of day and date of a whole month. It is available for all 12 months of a year. Monthly calendars are widely used to see day, dates and holidays for schools and banks. Many people use it and whole month planner, you can point out all the important days of the months on the calendar and affix it in your office area or in your bedroom etc. Calendar Edu provides high quality Monthly printable calendar Templates. You can also get here blank printable calendar templates.

3. Yearly Printable Calendar

Yearly printable calendar consists of all the 12 month day and date. You can see separate sections for each month i.e., January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November & December. People use yearly calendars to see day, dates and holidays of whole year. Calendar Edu provides best Printable yearly calendars to download and print.

Country Wise Printable Calendar Templates

You can find printable calendar templates country specific as well. Calendar Edu Provides HQ country specific calendar templates such as USA, UK, Australia, Canada, France etc. These are basically country wise calendars which are specifically designed for specific countries. You can find here country wise holidays here and can plan your month or year accordingly.

Academic Calendar

Academic printable calendar is provided by education institutes their students. It consists of information examination date, seminar dates, event dates and holidays. Students uses these calendars to plan their study and prepare themselves for other extra activities. Calendar Edu provides academic calendars for all major institutes all around the world, especially for IVY league colleges.

Month Wise Printable Calendar Templates by Name

You can find below the information about all months calendar one by one. You will also read about how to download month wise calendar.

January Calendar Printable Template

January is the 1st month of the year. we celebrate 1st January as new year event in the hope of a happy and prosper new year. January month has 31 days. You can find here best January 2024 printable calendar templates in high quality to schedule your whole January month.

February Calendar Printable Template

February is the 2nd month a year. It has 28 days but in a leap year February contains 29 days. It is also called as the month of love because we celebrate 14th February as valentine day. we provide HQ February 2024 calendar printables to make your life organized.

March Calendar Printable Templates

March is the 3rd month of year. It has 31 days, and it comes with spring, we say farewell to winters in this month and celebrate the spring season. Get best March calendar printable templates and schedule properly, get success in your life. Download Now Our Best Printable March 2024 Calendar Templates in Blank, PDF, PPT & Excel Format.

April Calendar Printable Templates

April is the 4th month of a year and it contain 30 days. we celebrate 1 April as fool day. there are many important events that happened in the month of April. Get best April calendar printable templates at Calendar Edu and organize your time. Download best & Free Printable 2024 April Calendar Templates with notes here.

May Calendar Printable Templates

May is the 5th month of a year. It is also the starting phase of summer. we celebrate 1st May as Labor Day. Download best May calendar printable templates at Calendar Edu, it can help you to organize your life. Get HQ May 2024 Blank Printable Templates in PDF, Word & Excel Format.

June Calendar Printable Templates

June month came after May. June is the 6th month of a year. It has 30 days. We celebrate Children’s Day on 7 June in USA. You can find here best June calendar Printable templates. You can use these printable templates to organize your time schedule. Download June Month 2024 Calendar Blank Printable Templates in PDF, Docx & Xlsx Format.

July Calendar Printable Templates

July month came after June month. July is the seventh month of a year. July has 31 days in the calendar. We celebrate American Independence Day on the 4th of July hence it is very special month. You can download HQ July Calendar Printable templates and you can mark your monthly plan over it. Download 2024 July calendar printable template with notes in blank format.

August Calendar Printable Templates

August month came after July month. August has 30 days. It is the month of friendship as we celebrate Friendship Day on the 2nd of august. Find the top August calendar printable templates here and spend your August month in a more planned way. Download Printable calendar 2024 August template with notes in blank format.

September Calendar Printable Templates

September month came after August month. September has 31 days in the calendar. September is the 9th month of a year. 17th September is celebrated as Constitution Day. Find the best September calendar printable templates with us and use it to discipline your life. Download Printable September 2024 calendar templates in high resolution with notes.

October Calendar Printable Templates

We find October month after September in a yearly calendar. October has 31 days.  October is 10th month of a year. We celebrate National Fossil Day on 14th of October. Print the October printable calendar templates from our website and use to make a difference in your life. Download October calendar 2024 printable templates in best quality with notes on our website.

November Calendar Printable Templates

November month come after October month. It is the 11th month of a year. November month contains 30 days. On the 26th of November, we celebrate Thanksgiving festival. Download our November Calendar Printable Templates and schedule your timetable properly for November month. Download November printable calendar 2024 templates with note in high quality.

December Calendar Printable Templates

December month comes after November month. It has 31 days in the calendar. It is the 12th and last month of a year. We celebrate Christmas on the 25th of December. Print our 2023 December calendar printable templates and use it plan your December month properly. 

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