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November month is called the beginning of winters, in this month trees change their Leafs. November month brings many more changes in everybody life.

It is advised that you should plan your November month in advance, so that you can be punctual according to November 2023 calendar template.

Download Calendar-Edu’s November calendar 2023 printable template and make your monthly timetable on it. then affix it in your working place. It will always remind you about your tasks in November calendar 2023, thus make you punctual.

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November 2023 Calendar

To start November, the 11th month, marks the beginning of the winter holiday season for most Americans regardless of the winter solstice not occurring until December.

It is named for the ninth month featured in the early Roman calendar, to commemorate times of community feasts, celebratory gift-giving, and legislative elections.

November is the eleventh and penultimate month of the year in both Julian and Gregorian calendars, the fourth of four months to have a length of 30 days and the fifth of five months to have a length of less than 31 days.

Landscape Monday start November 2023 Calendar printable templates

November is a time of the year that corresponds to the late spring and late fall seasons of the Southern Hemisphere and the northern hemisphere. Therefore, November in the Southern Hemisphere is the seasonal equivalent of May in the Northern Hemisphere.

Now you know some important things about November month, you can note important things in the November month according to you on the November 2023 printable calendar template.

Plan Your Month with November 2023 Blank Calendar Template

You guys should learn about some important facts about November month before starting monthly planning on November 2023 blank calendar template. here we are providing some important facts about November month.

Portrait Sunday start November 2023 Calendar printable templates

Beaver Moon according to November 2023 calendar template: The November Full Moon was called the Beaver Moon because of its association with the setting of beaver traps in preparation for the cold winter months.

This name also translates to explain that November is the only full month without a calendar month.

Birthstone according to November calendar 2023 printable: November’s native birthstone is the citrine, usually a colorful yellow to orange color.

The ancient Greeks believed that topaz could make a person invisible. A symbol of honor and strength, topaz was also believed to grant long life and wisdom.

Birth Flower according to November 2023 blank calendar template: November ‘s birthday flower is the chrysanthemum. Typically, chrysanthemums symbolize cheerfulness.

The color red generally indicates love. The color white symbolizes truth and purity. The color yellow represents slighted love.

Zodiac according to November 2023 calendar printable: Scorpio (October 23 November 21) and Sagittarius (November 22 December 21) are Western zodiac signs for November.

Plenty of receptive energy appears in November’s Scorpio phase, but it ends with plenty of Sagittarian energy and a new moon.

Venus and Mercury share a sign, and as Sagittarius season kicks off on the same day as Mercury enters the sign, an abundance of receptive energy can be felt this month.

Landscape Sunday start November 2023 Calendar printable templates

Now you know some interesting things about November 2023 calendar template, if you like these interesting things then you can note it down on 2023 calendar November template.

Events Planning with November 2023 calendar printable template

If we talk about November month, there are many beautiful and fun-loving events in November month, you can note your favorite events on the November calendar 2023 printable template, so that you do not forget your important events in November month.

November 6th at 2 A.M., Daylight Saving Time comes to an end. All Americans should remember to set their clocks back one hour before bedtime.

This same weekend is also the United States Election Day, where citizens are encouraged to exercise their right to vote in both state and federal elections.

Sunday start November 2023 Calendar blank printable templates

As a reminder of the importance of every single vote, on Tuesday November 11th, Veterans Day in the United States will be celebrated as a way of honoring those who sacrificed for our country.

November 9 is National Louisiana Day; Louisiana is known for its unique food and magnificent Mardi Gras festival. On this day, be sure to celebrate Louisiana’s unique delicacies and take advantage of the party atmosphere of its exuberant Mardi Gras celebration.

As now you know that there are many important dates in November calendar 2023 template and there is good chance, you forget any important event date.

so, download Calendar-Edu’s November 2023 calendar template and mark your all-important dates on it. it will always remind you of November month important dates.

Monday start November 2023 Calendar blank printable templates

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Be on Time with November 2023 Blank calendar 2023 templets

To be on time is a very effective quality of a human personality. Punctuality makes you a special person for others and successful as well.

If you want to be on time in November month, use our November calendar 2023 printable template, and mark your all-important tasks on it. you can even make your timetable on it.

Two Months Monday start November 2023 Calendar printable templates

November calendar 2023 printable templates can certainly help you in the achievement of all your goals in November month.

The key to long-term success is strategic planning during the workday to put your mind at ease and maximize your productivity. However, this doesn’t go without work. Everyone has different energy levels and different schedules, and all sorts of distractions strive to get in.

You should try to set up your daily, weekly, or monthly habits as a routine, whether you do this every single day, once weekly, or once per month.

Your goal will be to incorporate it into your schedule whether it is a new custom on Sunday evening or an hour you block off on your calendar every Friday afternoon.

Planning your time is crucial for keeping every dart on track. When you priorities your plannings, you will no longer let important calendar items or deadlines get forgotten. It will help you figure out how to act when you wake up.

Now you know the importance of monthly planning in your life. so, download Calendar-Edu’s November 2023 calendar printable templates and plan your whole month in advance on it.

Download November 2023 calendar template in PDF, Excel and Word Format

On our user demands, Calendar-Edu is providing November 2023 calendar templates in multiple file formats. Our users demand these printable calendar templates in different formats of file.

Some users want to print the calendar November 2023 blank calendar template in high quality, and some want easy editability. Different file formats can fulfil specific needs of different users.

Free Download November 2023 Calendar Templates in PDF FormatFree Download November 2023 Calendar Templates in Word FormatFree Download November 2023 Calendar Templates in Excel Format

We are providing separate pages for all different formats for November calendar 2023. the reason behind this is, we do not want to confuse our users. they can download different formats from different pages.

Calendar Edu is providing November 2023 calendar printable in PDF, Excel, Xlsx, JPG, JPEG, PNG, Word, Docs and Docx formats. If you want to get our calendars, just click on the download button and allow pop up in your device browser, your download will be started.

Plan Holidays with November 2023 Printable Calendar Templates

November is one of the best months to go out for travelling with your family and friends. A good holiday after a long working week can recharge your energy level. so, plan your holidays with November 2023 printable calendar templates.

Before planning the holiday in November month, you should know about some important facts that are mentioned below.

Two months Sunday start November 2023 Calendar printable templates

Weather according to November 2023 blank calendar template: USA weather drastically changed in November compared to the previous months, with greater highs reaching twenty degrees Fahrenheit.

There are less hours of light on account of the shorter days, so you should not miss the opportunity to explore the city.

You’ll need to pack an umbrella to protect from the rain though, as you may find various showers in some places.

Best Places to visit according to November calendar 2023 template: Visiting places of interest in November is a great way to avoid high temperatures in the middle of the month while benefiting from big discounts. following are some famous places where you can visit in November 2023 calendar printable.

  • Charleston, South Carolina
  • Los Angeles, California
  • San Diego, California
  • Key West, Miami
  • Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Savannah, Georgia
  • Napa Valley, California
  • New York, New York

There are some important days in November as well that you should mark on your editable November 2023 blank template.

November 11 is veterans Day, in America, Veterans Day honors all the brave military veterans who live among us. Take time to learn how Veterans Day came to be a holiday, educate children about the significance of this holiday, and greet veterans for their bravery.

November 13 is World Kindness Day, do a good deed for others as a way to spread a little recognition, such as gathering dry leaves or putting the mail in the mailbox.

Performing such acts of charity will surely put a smile on your face, and it will also spread some of the goodness of the act into the universe.

Now you know about all the important dates of November calendar 2023 printable templates. Download our November 2023 calendar printable and mention all your important dates on it.

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1 November 2023All Saints' DayLouisiana
(Legal Holidays)
1 November 2023Military Family DayAlaska
(Designated Days)
1 November 2023Maryland Emancipation DayMaryland
(Commemorative Days)
2 November 2023South Dakota Statehood DaySouth Dakota
(Designated Days)
2 November 2023John F. Kennedy DayMaine
(Special Observance Days)
3 November 2023Arbor DayHawaii
3 November 2023Texas Arbor DayTexas
(Designated Days)
3 November 2023Father of Texas DayTexas
(Designated Days)
4 November 2023Caregiver Recognition DayHawaii
4 November 2023Will Rogers DayOklahoma
(Designated Days)
4 November 2023G.I. Bill of Rights DayIllinois
(State Commemorative Days)
5 November 2023New Jersey Retired Teachers DayNew Jersey
(Designated Days)
7 November 2023Election DayNew Jersey
7 November 2023General Election DayIndiana
(State Holidays)
7 November 2023Election DayVirginia
(State Holidays)
9 November 2023Women Veterans DayAlaska
(Designated Days)
9 November 2023Witness for Tolerance DayNew York
(Designated Days)
10 November 2023Veteran's DayLouisiana
(State Holidays)
10 November 2023Veterans DayFederal
(Federal Holidays)
10 November 2023Veteran's DayNew Jersey
10 November 2023Veterans' DayIllinois
10 November 2023Veterans DayPennsylvania, United States Postal Service
(Public Holidays)
10 November 2023Veterans' DayFlorida
(Public Holidays)
10 November 2023Veteran’s DayIdaho, Virginia
(State Holidays)
10 November 2023Veterans' DayMaryland
(Legal Holidays)
11 November 2023Veterans’ DayFlorida, New York
(Legal Holidays)
11 November 2023Veterans DayUS Banks
11 November 2023Veterans’ DayMississippi
(State Holidays)
11 November 2023Veterans’ DayAlabama
(Public Holidays)
12 November 2023Elizabeth Cady Stanton DayNew York
(Designated Days)
13 November 2023Veteran's DayRhode Island
(State Holidays)
13 November 2023Coal Miners DayIllinois
(State Commemorative Days)
14 November 2023Diabetes Awareness DayIllinois
(State Commemorative Days)
14 November 2023Kentucky Harvest DayKentucky
(Special Days)
14 November 2023Dr. Walter Soboleff DayAlaska
(Designated Days)
15 November 2023Patient Advocate DayNew Jersey
(Designated Days)
16 November 2023Children's Grief Awareness DayNew Jersey
(Designated Days)
17 November 2023CanterburyVirgin Islands
(Regional Anniversary Dates)
18 November 2023Texas Adoption DayTexas
(Designated Days)
19 November 2023Retired Teachers’ DayFlorida
(Designated Days)
19 November 2023Retired Teachers DayMississippi
(Designated Days)
20 November 2023A Day in the Life - Type 1 Diabetes DayNew Jersey
(Designated Days)
20 November 2023Transgender Day of Remembrance,New Jersey
(Designated Days)
20 November 2023Bill of Rights Day in New JerseyNew Jersey
(Designated Days)
21 November 2023New York State School-Related Professionals Recognition DayNew York
(Designated Days)
22 November 2023American Indian Month and Day of AppreciationVirginia
(Designated Days)
23 November 2023ThanksgivingIllinois, New Jersey
23 November 2023Christmas DayKansas
(State Holidays)
23 November 2023Thanksgiving DayFederal
(Federal Holidays)
23 November 2023Thanksgiving DayArkansas, US Banks, Wisconsin
23 November 2023Thanksgiving DayNew York Stock Exchange
(NYSE Holidays)
23 November 2023Thanksgiving DayFlorida
(Public Holidays)
23 November 2023Thanksgiving DayFlorida, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York
(Legal Holidays)
24 November 2023American Indian Heritage DayMaryland
(Legal Holidays)
24 November 2023Friday after ThanksgivingIowa
(State Holidays)
24 November 2023Day After ThanksgivingIllinois
24 November 2023Friday after ThanksgivingFlorida
(Public Holidays)
24 November 2023Friday after Thanksgiving DayTexas
(State Holidays)
24 November 2023Native American Heritage DayWashington
(State Holidays)
24 November 2023Lincoln's BirthdayIndiana
(State Holidays)
24 November 2023Thanksgiving FridayMaine
(State Holidays)
24 November 2023Presidents DayNew Mexico
(State Holidays)
26 November 2023Sojourner Truth DayMichigan
(Designated Days)
27 November 2023Chatham IslandsVirgin Islands
(Regional Anniversary Dates)
29 November 2023Nellie Tayloe Ross's birthdayWyoming
(Designated Days)
30 November 2023Shirley Chisholm DayNew York
(Designated Days)
30 November 2023Anthony J. Dimond DayAlaska
(Designated Days)
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