February 2024 Calendars Printable Templates Download

Hello everyone, we are presenting here Free February 2024 Calendar Printable Templates in various formats. You can get here high-quality February calendar printable in landscape, portrait, blank, with holidays & with notes format.

This February 2024 calendar page is absolutely free of cost. We are providing these February Calendar Blank templates for free in hope that it will help you to be organize and get success in the month of February 2024.

You can use these templates in various ways. You can see date and day through it, or you can note down your all-important February works and event over it and affix it in your home or office, where you can see it often. This is the way to optimize your mind for success. To get success, we need only one thing, to follow your work schedule properly. But it is often seen that we forget our important works and evens due to life pressure or any other reason. This is the reason; we are providing here free printable February calendar.

Download One Page 2024 Yearly Printable Calendar Template in Word, PDF & Excel Format

You can easy download our free printable February calendars in your mobile or laptop and print it through your printer then write down your all-important monthly work and events over it and put it somewhere you can see it before going to bed. This way, your mind will not forget, and important work and it will be always aware for it.

Free February printable calendar 2024

February printable calendar 2024
February printable calendar 2024

We all know that in the one-page yearly Calendar of 2024, February is the second month of the year. February contains only 28 days in normal years and 29 days in a leap year. there are five months that have less then 31 days in our February printable calendar and February month is first or them.

February monthly calendar is starting on Monday and Sunday will be the last day of it. If we see the monthly February calendar carefully, we will observe that February always starts with the same day of the week as march and November in a normal year. But in a leap year, it starts with the same weekday as August.

I hope you have liked our February printable blank calendars in Portrait format. If you have liked these February blank calendar portrait format, then please share with your friend over social media websites and help them to get success.

Best February 2024 calendar printable

February 2024 monthly calendar
February 2024 monthly calendar

The process of downloading these printable calendars 2024 February templates in blank format is very easy. Just right click on it and save it in your mobile or laptop devices. Further, we are going to discuss about the specifications of February month calendars.

February Month Weather: In northern hemisphere, February month shows little winter. We can say that the February is the third and last month of winters in northern hemisphere. If we talk about southern hemisphere, February month shows little Hot weather. We can say that February is the third and last month of summer in southern hemisphere.

Top February 2024 calendar with notes

February 2024 calendar with notes
February 2024 calendar with notes

February Month Zodiac Sign: In the month of February 2024 the Zodiac sign is shifted for a day due to leap year in the 2020. For 1 feb to 17 feb the zodiac sigh will be Aquarius and from 18 feb to 28 feb the zodiac sign will be Pisces.

February Month Flower: The birth Flower for the month February blank calendar is the violet and the common primrose. There flowers are very beautiful and represents February month.

February Month Birthstone: The birthstone for February calendar template month is amethyst. It is said that it is a very powerful stone and represents February 2024 month. This stone shows kindness and wisdom.

We hope that you have liked our February month specifications information and you have also liked our printable February calendar in landscape format. these February printable calendar landscape is in high quality. If you found any low-quality calendars, then please share it with us through our contact us page. We will immediately replace that landscape February calendar printable.

February 2024 blank calendar download

February 2024 calendar template
February 2024 calendar template

February 2024 Blank Calendar
February 2024 Blank Calendar

These Blank February calendar in landscape format is very easy to use. You can easily print it in landscape format from any printer. You might need the February printable calendar more than any month because February is the month of love and you surely do not want to miss any day of the valentine week.

Download our free printable February calendar template and note down all your valentine week plan over it. i.e., things you will do on first day, second day etc. This is the best way to plan your February valentine week. Plan it in advance and give surprises to your loved ones.

February 2024 calendars in PDF, Word & Excel Format

In this section, we are going to share our high-quality PDF February calendar, Word February calendars and Excel 2024 February calendars. These all are special calendars in specific PDF, Word and Excel to provide variety of calendar February to our users.

February Calendar template PDF Format

February Calendar template Word/ Docs Format

February Calendar template Excel/ Sheet Format

You can open February PDF calendar printable in adobe reader. You can use Google Docs or MS Docs to open the February Word calendar template. You can use MS Excel or Google sheet to open our February 2024 calendar templates in excel format. I hope you will like our February printable calendars in PDF, Word and Excel format.

February 2024 Calendar With Holidays & Events

February 2024 Calendar With Holidays
February 2024 Calendar With Holidays

February month calendar brings many joyful festivals and events. It is the month of love so we can say that the main festival of February 2024 month is love festival. It is also the month of George Washington’s birthday. George Washington’s birthday is celebrated as Presidents’ Day. It is a federal holiday in USA.

We celebrate this day as many other names such as George Washington’s birthday or Presidents’ Day, it is a state holiday in many states in USA. We are presenting here February blank calendar with holidays. You will get below all the important holidays, festivals and events of February month. So, if you are looking for February blank calendar with holidays page then you are at very right place.

Here is a list of the federal and public holidays occurring in February 2024 in the United States:

February 12 – Lincoln’s Birthday

Not a federal holiday, but state holiday in some places like Connecticut, Illinois
February 14 – Valentine’s Day

Not a public or federal holiday
February 18 – Washington’s Birthday/Presidents’ Day (federal holiday)

Honors the first US president, George Washington
February 22 – Washington’s Actual Birthday

Not a federal or public holiday
So the only major federal and public holiday in February 2024 is Presidents’ Day, celebrated on February 18th.


Major public events that typically occur in the United States during the month of February:

Super Bowl – The NFL championship game typically occurs in early February. In 2024, the host site has not been announced yet.
NBA All Star Game – The NBA showcase game with top players is usually mid-February. 2024 location TBD.
Daytona 500 – This popular NASCAR race in Daytona Beach, Florida happens annually in mid-February.
Mardi Gras – Carnival celebrations like in New Orleans leading up to Ash Wednesday, which falls on February 14, 2024.
Valentine’s Day Events – Romantic events, couples activities, restaurants offers
Film Award Shows – Events like the BAFTAs, Writers Guild Awards
College basketball, NHL hockey, indoor conventions


Here is a list of some notable public holidays happening in European countries during February 2024:

February 1: Imbolc

Observed as St Brigid’s Day holiday in Ireland
February 2: Candlemas

Celebrated as religious holiday in Ireland, France
February 14: Valentine’s Day

Not an official holiday but widely celebrated across Europe
February 20: Shrove Tuesday / Mardi Gras

Official holiday in Luxembourg, observed festivals like Carnival happen across Europe
February 21: Ash Wednesday

Observed by Catholics across many European countries
February 24: Independence Day

Public holiday celebrating Estonian independence in Estonia
February 25: National Day

Public holiday for celebrating Kuwaiti National Day in Kosovo
February 27: Independence Day

Public holiday for Dominican Republic independence celebrated in Spain
As you can see, there are few wide-reaching public holidays across Europe in February 2024. But diaspora communities may celebrate independence days. The main religious observance is Lent and its associated celebrations like Carnival and Easter preparations.


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