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Hello guys, are you looking for August 2023 calendar printable templates? if yes, you have landed on the right page. Calendar-Edu bring you here the best August calendar templates in this page. August is very special month of the year, it brings lots of festivals and events with it. You should not miss any important date is August monthly calendar.

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Download August calendar 2023 printable template and mention all important dates of August month on it because August is very important month.

August 2023 Calendar

August is the eighth month of the calendar used in the Julian and Gregorian calendars, and the fifth of seven months to have a length of 31 days. It was named for Roman emperor Augustus Caesar in 8 BCE.

Landscape Monday start August 2023 Calendar printable templates

The August of Perseid meteor shower is an exceptional time of the year. It’s the best time of year to observe the meteor showers, as its peak usually happens between August 11 and 13.

Birth Flower according to August calendar template: The gladiolus and poppy constitute August’s birth flower duo. The gladiolus represents strength of character, sincerity, and generosity. The poppy symbolizes eternal sleep, oblivion, and also imagination.

Portrait Monday start August 2023 Calendar printable templates

Birth Stone according to August calendar printable template: Peridot, the primary birthstone of August, symbolizes strength and healing power, shielding one against nightmares and evil, and ensuring harmony and happiness. Babies born in August are lucky to have a Peridot ‘s protective rays.

Zodiac signs according to calendar August: If you are born between April 1st and April 19th, then you are an Aries (symbolized by the ram). If your birthday come on April 19th or later, you will be a Taurus (symbolized by the bull).

Monthly Plan with August 2023 Calendar Printable Template

It is very important to plan your August month in advance to remember all the important dates of August calendar 2023. You should be also aware about important facts of August month such as weather, holidays in August month, places to visit in August month etc.

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Weather according to Calendar 2023 August Template: In August, the weather in the USA is very warm, and those traveling to such a location will want to carry more sunscreen to deal with the danger of sunburn. People are also advised to bring heavy clothing and eat foods that are more easily digested during times of increased activity.

Portrait Sunday start August 2023 Calendar printable templates

August 2023 Blank Calendar Template for Month Planning

It is very important to follow your timetable very strictly in August 2023 month, you can download our August 2023 blank calendar template and make your timetable on it. but you should firstly know about the importance of monthly calendar planning and time management.

Monday start August 2023 Calendar Blank printable templates

Setting up a comfortable and appropriate routine can help alleviate the pressures of teachers and students alike. It is imperative as a student to have a good lesson plan, in order to make the most of the key facets of your life.

Some students are not successful in having a workable study plan. If we look at the important features of a plan, we’ll realize why such plans are key to academic success and why they are so necessary.

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The timetable suggests what should be done at a given time. It as a consequence, encourages this focus of the individual on one thing at once. Consequently, this is directed automatically in a particular manner that minimize waste of energy and time.

August Calendar 2023 in PDF, Word & Excel Format for Free

Calendar-Edu is providing all August 2023 blank calendar in not only very high quality but also in all important file formats. You can download here August calendar in Excel, PDF, Word, Docs, JPG, JPEG, PNG, Docx, & Xlsx format.

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you can also download our August calendar 2023 template for google sheet format. The reason behind providing these calendar templates in different formats is to fulfill the demands for our users. Our users always demand the calendars in different formats because each file format has its unique qualities.

Plan Holidays with August Calendar 2023 Printable Format

It is very important to go out with you friends and family members in your free time. because a good vacation can recharge your energy up. You can download Calendar-Edu’s August calendar 2023 printable format and plan your vacation on it. there are many important events in August month.

Sunday start August 2023 Calendar Blank printable templates

1 August is celebrated as Sweet Corn Appreciation Day, most of the sweet corn produced in the United States is located in the upper Midwest, with the state of Illinois being the ideal location for growing it due to its deep topsoil, substantial rainfall and moderate climate.

On August 1, the General Assembly resolved that August 1 would be recognized as Sweetcorn Appreciation Day. The day honors the sweetcorn farmers throughout the Illinois grow house.

3 August is celebrated as Ernie Pyle Day, in honor of the awesome work of a writer and war correspondent, and the great praise Ernie Pyle received from the state of New Mexico, his birthday, August 3rd, of each year, is hereby designated as named The Ernie Pyle Day.

Two Months Sunday start August 2023 Calendar printable templates

4 August is celebrated as Barack Obama Day, August 4 of every year is observed in America as Barack Obama Day, a day designating the day it was first discovered that the 44th President of the United States began working as a senator in the Illinois State Senate.

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1 August 2023Sweet Corn Appreciation DayIllinois
(State Commemorative Days)
3 August 2023Ernie Pyle DayNew Mexico
4 August 2023Barack Obama DayIllinois
(State Commemorative Days)
5 August 2023New Mexico Youth DayNew Mexico
6 August 2023American Family DayArizona
(Legal Holidays)
6 August 2023American family DayMichigan
(Designated Days)
7 August 2023Purple Heart DayAlaska, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Oklahoma
(Designated Days)
7 August 2023Colorado DayColorado
(Designated Days)
7 August 2023Purple Heart DayIllinois
(State Commemorative Days)
7 August 2023Purple Heart DaySouth Carolina
(Special Days)
7 August 2023Purple Heart Recognition DayWest Virginia
(Special Days)
7 August 2023Purple Heart Recipient Recognition DayWashington
(Recognized Days)
8 August 2023Emancipation DayTennessee
(Days of Special Observance)
9 August 2023Boring and Dull DayOregon
9 August 2023National Women’s DayVirgin Islands
(Public Holidays)
9 August 2023Indigenous Peoples DayNevada
(Periods of Observance)
10 August 2023Alaska Wild Salmon DayAlaska
(Designated Days)
12 August 2023Texas Parents DayTexas
(Designated Days)
12 August 2023Narragansett Indian DayRhode Island
(Days of Special Observance)
13 August 2023Spirit of ‘45 DayOregon
13 August 2023Herbert Hoover DayIowa
(Designated Days)
14 August 2023Victory DayRhode Island
(State Holidays)
16 August 2023National Airborne DayNew Jersey
(Designated Days)
16 August 2023Bennington Battle DayVermont
(State Holidays)
18 August 2023Statehood DayHawaii
(State Holidays)
19 August 2023Oklahoma Aviation and Aerospace DayOklahoma
(Designated Days)
20 August 2023National Navajo Code Talkers DayArizona
(Legal Holidays)
21 August 2023Coal Truck Driver Appreciation DayKentucky
(Special Days)
24 August 2023Wickersham DayAlaska
(Designated Days)
24 August 2023Ukrainian Independence DayNew York
(Designated Days)
26 August 2023Women's Independence DayTexas
(Designated Days)
26 August 2023Illinois Constitution DayIllinois
(State Commemorative Days)
26 August 2023Women's Equality DayNew York
(Designated Days)
27 August 2023Peter Norbeck DaySouth Dakota
(Designated Days)
27 August 2023Family DayTennessee
(Days of Special Observance)
27 August 2023Lyndon Baines Johnson DayTexas
(State Holidays)
29 August 2023Toms River East Little League World Champions DayNew Jersey
(Designated Days)
29 August 2023Katrina Day of RemembranceMississippi
(Designated Days)
30 August 2023Huey P. Long DayLouisiana
(Legal Holidays)
31 August 2023Overdose Awareness DayNew Jersey
(Designated Days)