January 2021 Calendars Printable Templates Download

Hello Guys, We are going to provide you here the best January 2021 calendar printable templates in various format. You can get here the the 2021 January calendar printable templates in blank, landscape, Portrait, PDF, Word/ Doc, Excel/ Google Sheet, notes & with holiday  Format.

You can also find here the January 2021 printable calendar holidays in the bottom of this post in a Holiday table. So This January calendar 2021 template is going to very useful for you to see the day and dates, manage your whole January month and In the advance planning of holidays. The main attractive point is that these all January Printable 2021 Calendars with notes are free of cost. you do not need to pay anything for these calendars. These 2021 January monthly calendars are absolutely free.

Free 2021 January Printable Calendar Templates Portrait


Free download January 2021 calendars Printable Best January 2021 calendars to print and download

If we talk about Julian and Gregorian calendars, January is the first month of the year. January contains 31 days. As we all know that, there are 7 Months that have 31 days and the January is first of them. We celebrate the 1st day of January as new year day.

If we talk about weather, In Northern hemisphere, It is almost the most cold day of winter season and In Southern hemisphere, It is almost the most worm day of the summer season. This is the main reason for the so much versatility in the type of celebration of new year all around the world. Some people love to go on beach and some people like to have a born fire party on new year.

January 2021 Blank Calendar Printable With Notes Download

Top January 2021 calendars Printable templates


January 2021 calendars to print for free

This is very interesting fact, Very few might know about it that the first day of January is always same as the first day of October in a normal year but in a leap year, the first day of January is same as the first day of April and July month. In the Year 2021 printable Calendar template, the first day of January is Friday and the last day of January 2021 calendar is Sunday.

As the year 2021 is a normal year so can say that the first day of January is Friday so the first day of October will also be Friday. We are providing here the best high quality printable templates for the month of January 2021 for free of cost. Download it and use it for your time management purpose.

Best January 2021 Monthly Calendar Template Landscape

Best blank January 2021 calendars printable to download

January 2021 calendar blank printable templates for free

We are going to provide some interesting information about January month, We hope that you will like this January calendar facts.

January Birthstone: “Garnet” is the birthstone of January month. It is well known that Garnet stone provides constancy in life. so if you are January born person, You can use garnet stone in a ring to get constancy in your life.

January Flower: Galanthus and Pink Dianthus are the beautiful flowers for the month of January. This flower are very attractive as the January month is.

January zodiac signs: January is very special month as it is the first month of our calendar 2021. The January Born are decided in two part for zodiac sign. For the Year 2021, If you are born between 1 January to 18 January then your zodiac sign will be Capricorn. If you are born between January 19 to January 31 then your zodiac sign will be Aquarius.

January Full Moon: the full moon of January is very famous because It is also know as Wolf moon.

There are the January blank calendar 2021 printable templates in landscape format. These templates are in HD Quality. The printout of these printable 2021 January calendars will be very clear and visible. the download process of these January 2021 calendar with note templates are very easy. Just right click on the calendar files and you will see the save option to save the file in your device.

Download January Calendar 2021 Printable Templates For Free

Best January 2021 calendars printable template to download Top January 2021 calendars to Print for free

2021 January Printable Calendar can be very useful in this new year. We all start our new year with a lot of hope and Joy. You can make the January 2021 month very successful for yourself by using our Printable 2021 January Calendar as a time management tools. These calendars can be very useful in you time management.

You can download our calendar 2021 for January month and plan the each day of the month in advance. Write down all your important works of January month and all the deadlines over the January Month 2021 Calendar with notes and affix it in your office place, your bedroom etc. It will surely help you in your 2021 January targets.

January 2021 Calendar In PDF, Word and Excel Format

In this section, We are providing here the January Printable 2021 calendar templates in PDF, Word and Excel format. You can also open this January Excel calendar in Google sheets and January Word calendar in Google Doc. The download process of these PDF, Word and Excel calendars is very easy, You just need to click on the download  button and the calendar file will saved in your electronic device. You can open the PDF Format 2021 January calendar with adobe reader and google chrome or any web browser.

January 2021 Calendar Template Printable With Note in PDF Format

January 2021 Calendar Template Printable With Note in Word Format

January 2021 Calendar Template Printable With Note in Excel Format

January 2021 Calendar Holidays & Events

January is the month of happiness and Joy because it is the first month of the year. the 1st day of January is celebrated as new year festival world wide. There are many festivals that increase the beauty of January month such as Martin Luther King Jr. Day, It will be celebrated on 20th of January 2021 ( Third Monday )on the birthday of Martin Luther. he was the  chief spokesperson in the non violence activism in civil rights movement. We are enlisting all festival in the month of January below.

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1 January 2021FridayNew Year in World
Euro Day in European Union
Founding Day in Taiwan
National Bloody Mary Day in United States
World Day of Peace
2 January 2021SaturdayNational Science Fiction Day in United States
3 January 2021SundayMinistry of Religious Affairs Day in Indonesia
National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day in United States
4 January 2021MondayWorld Braille Day
5 January 2021TuesdayNational Bird Day in United States
Sausage Day in United Kingdom
6 January 2021WednesdayBefana Day in Italy
Pathet Lao Day in Laos
7 January 2021ThursdayTricolour day in Italy
Victory from Genocide Day in Cambodia
8 January 2021FridayTyping Day in international community
9 January 2021SaturdayNational Cassoulet Day in United States
10 January 2021SundayMajority Rule Day in Bahamas
11 January 2021MondayGerman Apples Day in Germany
National Human Trafficking Awareness Day in United States
12 January 2021TuesdayProsecutor General's Day in Russia
13 January 2021WednesdaySt. Knut's Day in Sweden and Finland
Stephen Foster Memorial Day in United States
14 January 2021ThursdayFlag Day in Georgia
Ratification Day in United States
15 January 2021FridayTeacher's Day in Venezuela
16 January 2021SaturdayNational Religious Freedom Day in United States
17 January 2021SundayHardware Freedom Day in international community
18 January 2021MondayWeek of Prayer for Christian Unity from January 18 to 25 in Christianity
19 January 2021TuesdayHusband's Day in Iceland
National Popcorn Day in United States
20 January 2021WednesdayCheese Day in United States
21 January 2021ThursdayGrandmother's Day in Poland
Lincoln Alexander Day in Canada
22 January 2021FridayGrandfather's Day in Poland
National Hot Sauce Day in United States
23 January 2021SaturdayNational Pie Day in United States
24 January 2021SundayNational Peanut Butter Day in United States
25 January 2021MondayBurns night in Scotland, Scottish community
26 January 2021TuesdayAustralia Day in Australia
27 January 2021WednesdayHolocaust Memorial Day in UK
Holocaust Remembrance Day in Sweden
International Holocaust Remembrance Day
Memorial Day in Italy
28 January 2021ThursdayArmy Day in Armenia
Data Privacy Day in international community
29 January 2021FridayKansas Day in Kansas, United States
30 January 2021SaturdayFred Korematsu Day in California, United States
School Day of Non-violence and Peace in Spain
Teacher's Day in Greece
31 January 2021SundayStreet Children's Day in Austria
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