Online Classes Tips & Ideas for Students

Hello Guys, We are going to share important online classes Tips & ideas for students to enhance their online learning. In this Pandemic situation, Our school & college is closed and now we are studding from home via online classes. Many students are facing difficulties having online classes because they have a mind setup for school or college classes. This article is all about for those students who facing difficulties in their online classes. We are sharing some important tips & tricks that can be used to improve your online learning skill.

Online Classes Tips for Study from Home

Novel corona virus is a monster situation to deal with but you can still keep up learning and take up classes from your home. Below are some important tips & tricks that can be used to improve your mind set for online classes.

Tip 1: Create a Quiet Study Space

Create a quiet study space, a better study space is very important for concentrating on your study. make sure that you keep all your essentials like laptop notes, water bottle, pen and pencil etc. your study space can be anywhere that you can focus,  it may be your balcony your dining table etc. get creative with the space you have.

Tip 2: Log into Your Classes As Soon As Possible

Log into your classes as soon as possible, be prepared to join your online classes few minutes before it starts so that you can make sure that your video and audio are working or not. Check your network connection, camera and audio device that all are working properly.

If you are joining your online class on the exact time, it will surely take upto 5 min to connect with your classes and it will further take 5 min to prepare your mind for your study topic. So it is a wise idea to connect with your class 5 mints before this way, you will not loose any important information of the class.

Tip 3: Eliminate Distractions

Eliminate distractions, These day, the main distraction all the students are social media & online game. it may be difficult to focus on your online classes if you have a social media account, now how to get rid of these kind of distractions on your online classes.

It is very simple, block those websites and notifications while you’re using your mobile go to settings and mute that app notifications for the duration you are at your online classes. If some of your friend are calling you to play online games this can be also a distraction. It will be good if you silent your mobile during your online class.

Tip 4: Take Notes on Online Classes

Take notes on online classes, you can use your rough notebook to write notes in your online classes. handwriting would be very bad while taking your running notes. spend one to two hours to rewrite the notes.

Some students may feel this lazy to write again but rewriting your notes in a legible handwriting will help you in better understanding the material and remember the notes clearly. Rewriting can also improve your better understanding of concepts.

Tip 5: Record Your Online Class

Record your online class, this is an optional method. this trick has helped many while taking running notes. if you are actually facing difficulty in taking running notes and in between missed some important points too. if you are a student who really worried about missing some important points and details, We suggest you to record that particular lecture by using your mobile.

Once the classes are finished spend time in listening to the recordings and check your notes to find out the missed points. this recording trick can improve your note quality. Recording can be saved on your device for a long time and you can it any time according to your suit.

Tip 6: Ask for Help

Teachers like it when you ask for doubts. first of all it makes them feel that you are paying attention in the class. if you did not understand any particular topic while teaching  just admit yourself and ask for help. asking for help actually make you look smart.

Asking is a very important quality of a student whether it an online class or an offline class. Asking is a way of intersection with your teacher. Your teacher will notice that you are paying attention on your class & what are the points that you are filling difficult to understand.

Tip 7: Take Breaks

Take breaks, studying for long hard can easily lead to burnout. when your classes are finished do something fun like watch TV for few minutes, check out your social media, do some stretches etc. to find yourself refreshing after taking a cute break.

Short breaks are very important because at school you have your friends to talk & play during the free time but at home, you do not have your school or college environment. Suppose, you have 10 minutes of free time during your online classes. You can use it to take a nap, play a game or talk with your friends on your mobile. Do something that is fun & relaxing for you.

We hope that you have liked these online classes tips & tricks article, If you have any ideas for online classes that can help other students too, share it in the comment box.

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